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Untamed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast {Giveaway + Review}

House of Night Book #4
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Untamed (House of Night, #4)

Zoey's friends mean the world to her, and she is absolutely crushed when they turn their back on her for her mistakes he made with her boyfriend Eric and their poetry Professor Loren Blake. 

Which is absolutely devastating. Zoey admires her friends so much and appreciates how much they love each other. She thinks about it every time they cast a circle and show their true affinities for each element. 

Zoey can't begin to show her appreciation towards her amazing friends, it's so sad to see them turn their back on her. They complete her during circle casting, and she only feels truly complete when she is with her friends. 

It is especially upsetting when they assume they know the whole story, without giving Zoey a chance to explain the truth and/or her side of the story. 

All of this couldn't have happened at a worst time since Neferet has decided to declare war on the humans for the multiple deaths of Professors around the campus. 

There is one way to fix all her problems, but she must gain her friends trust again. Is their friendship strong enough to fight through this in order to stop the worst that could happen in the vampyre and human world. 

It seems like the last person she would ever expect to be on her side, happens to have her back more than anyone else has. Aphrodite. Just like any other high school, the cliques have changed and you won't believe who's on friends with who. 

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  1. This series was OK at first but I lost interest after book 4, it started to become cliquey and meh. Only Aphrodite and Neferet remain interesting.

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    1. I'm starting to see that, I'm reading Hunted right now, and I'm getting pretty fed up with Zoey's cliche slutty-ness.




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