Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Shopping Get Free Kindle Books!

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I love Saturday's! I get to sleep in late, spend time with the family, and lounge around. I'm extra lucky this weekend, because Monday is a holiday.

Woot woot for Three Day Weekend!

What's everyone doing for Labor Day, hopefully lounging, eating, laughing and having fun. (I don't have to say reading, because I know all of you are going to be doing that anyways!)

Check out the FREE Kindle Books I bought today!
Yes, you heard me, I said FREE!!! Who doesn't like Free? No one. Buy them now.
Click on the book covers below to buy them now at Amazon!

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  1. What a great feature! I have only heard of one of the books, The Soulkeepers, and it's great. Thanks for sharing!




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